The finishing touch to beautiful plants!

High impact labels and marketing solutions to help you sell more!

MasterTag Labels offer a cost effective and comprehensive range of labels to enhance and promote your sales of seed raised items. Ideal for 6-packs.

Kirchhoffs Labels are available for many of our vegetative varieties and contain basic information for the gardener, as well as noting that the varieties are protected. These colourful labels are consistent in style to the Kirchhoffs seed range, signage and advertising. Piggy back on the brand to increase your plant sales!

Simply Beautiful Labels - This range of labels help you sell larger pots with premium varieties. Bright, informative labels will attract consumers attention at retail! Posters with the Simply Beautiful logo are also available for point of sale, and media coverage will refer to the brand.  

Quick Mixer Labels - Seven Quick Mixer Varieties are available to be sold with individual high impact colour labels. Optional 15 cm pot wraps are available for extra impact

Variety Specific labels - great varieties like Pansy Cool Wave and Dianthus Pink Kisses have their own branded labels

Branded labels will be accompanied by consistent promotion and marketing in print and online media, through articles and advertisements. Branded varieties can also be supported at point of sale with posters.